25 x 19" Signed and Numbered Lithograph by Don Scafidi
AT NYC FIRE MUSEUM February 2002
Copyright © 2011 Don Scafidi Marine Art
May We Never Forget

Signed and Numbered Lithograph 

We Will Not Fail - A Tribute to American Spirit

May We never Forget

DON SCAFIDI  is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Veteran of World War II, (retired USNR.) Mr. Scafidi's father was a volunteer firefighter at Belmont Fire Station on Long Island in the late 30's.  The artist donated the original WE WILL NOT FAIL painting to the New York City Fire Museum. Beginning in 2002 over 1500 prints were donated to firehouses, firemen, first responders, and Federal and State Buildings. In 2011 the artist issued a commemorative series of the WWNF print. Signed Numbered and Personalized Prints are available.  AS OF 2009 this painting was chosen by the NYC Fire ACADEMY (THE ROCK) --where it hangs  as a prominent inspiration for cadets, and firemen from all over the world.  Inquiries are welcome.  If you would like to donate a print or raise money for charity, contact  the artist at  The proceeds for each lithograph are not-for-profit.  We use the monies to frame, mat and glass our prints and donate  to firehouses  first responders, veterans and soldiers.  We thank you for your service.
$50  Donation  includes  signed and numbered quality lithograph WE WILL NOT FAIL - A Tribute to American Spirit -  25x 19" inluding tube shipping in U.S. by USPS.   Frame and Mats Not Included. Your donation--minus shipping and handling charge ($10) will go towards frames and glass for firehouses, military and first responders.  
            NOT FOR PROFIT
Merchant Marine Heroes of 9/11 
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There was nothing I could do after 9-11.  I was so angry because I was too old to be of any use--the younger me--wanting to go somewhere and sign up for duty.  Instead,  I put my anger on canvas and the montage slowly became a tribute to the indefatigable American Spirit. I donated the original painting to the New York Fire Museum and had prints made for charity.   Later, I received many letters from friends, family, classmates,  the President, Mayor Giuliani, and others thanking me.. But one classmate's words still resonate with me:

     "Don, I salute you.  I opened the crate and did a slow review of the print--first the lower left with your personal endorsement. I spent a few mintues looking at the three firemen raising the flag & next  at the Marine 'grunts' on Suribachi--a most apt comparison.
    When I  stepped back to take in the total scene ,I realized in the left background was the burning, sinking, dying  USS ARIZONA.
 Then I cried."       Marc E. KP '50